Advantage of Sofeze®

  • Sofeze® is packed in 1 Kg single use stand up pouches for convenience.
  • Long shelf life: as opposed to liquid premixes with a very limited shelf life, Sofeze® premixes have a shelf life of 24 months.
  • Sofeze® requires no refrigeration, heating, pasteurizing, homogenization or cold chain transportation.
  • Standardization of premixes: the taste and quality of each serving is identical no matter who prepares the premixes, where it is prepared or when it is prepared.
  • High Overrun: 40-45% over-run in a gravity machine and 75-80% over-run in a pump machine.
  • Longevity of liquid mix: the liquid mix made from Sofeze® can be made and stored for a period of 2 days under refrigeration. The liquid mix can also be stored inside the Soft Serve machine overnight without going stale.
  • Flexibility to individualize product: vendors have the option to add their own ingredients and flavours to make products with unique flavours.
  • Sofeze® is pre-measured and packed, therefore no tedious measurements or estimations of measurements are required. It takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare a liquid mix.
  • 100% Hygienic: The vendor does not need to handle and store several ingredients such as milk, cream, fat, colours, flavours, sugar etc.
  • Improved cost control. As each serving is standardised, there is no variation in the cost of each serving.
  • Sofeze® is significantly cheaper to use and transport as compared to a liquid mix.